Blocked toilet? No problem! Let the professionals at Reactive Drains unblock it for you.

Toilet Unblocking in Birmingham & Sutton Coldfield

A blocked toilet can cause a variety of unpleasant problems, from slow drainage and smells to overflowing and damage to flooring. So when you have an issue, finding an expert who can resolve the issue professionally and without unnecessary delay is vital.

At Reactive Drains Birmingham, we provide a range of professional toilet unblocking solutions undertaken by our experienced engineers to ensure fully functioning facilities essential for day-to-day living.

As a business, we work closely with our clients to resolve their toilet blockage issues through quality services tailored to their needs, including 24/7 emergency call-outs.

Exceptional customer service, award-winning safety standards and leading technical innovation are the core beliefs we follow on every project. We aim to provide an effective and long-term solution to any plumbing or drainage issue you may have – and always at a competitive price. 

We provide our toilet unblocking services throughout Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding West Midlands area.

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Professional Solutions for Blocked Toilets

When it comes to blocked toilets, finding a quick resolution is essential for both practical and hygiene reasons. Here at Reactive Drains Birmingham, our engineers specialise in toilet unblocking services to resolve a variety of problems.

Our professional solutions include:


The most common option when it comes to resolving blocked toilets, our unclogging service allows us to quickly identify blockages before carefully removing the cause of the problem.

High Pressure Water Jets

Designed to help remove the very toughest of blockages, our high-pressure water jets force pressurised water through the toilet system to break down the toughest of blockages.

CCTV Surveys

Sometimes finding the cause of a blockage isn’t always straightforward and can’t simply be resolved through unclogging or water jets. In such circumstances, our CCTV survey is often the best course of action. Our cameras can investigate deep into pipes to identify the cause of the problem and allow us to establish the best option for clearing it.

Why Choose Reactive Drains Birmingham?

Here at Reactive Drains Birmingham, our clients choose us as their drainage company of choice for several reasons, including:

As a business, we are DBS checked and fully insured for all our services
We are available for emergency call-outs 24 hours a day
Our services are available to commercial, domestic and industrial clients
We boast over 26 years of experience in the industry

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For toilet unblocking services in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding West Midlands region, you can rely on Reactive Drains Birmingham.

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